Vitality Longevity & Healthy Aging Programme

The Vitality, Longevity & Healthy Ageing Programme (VLA) is based on Bio-Impedence Analysis (BIA), a scientifically validated test and an excellent clinical tool that provides valuable information about your current health status and how well you are ageing. VLA can help monitor progress and maximise your ongoing health and wellbeing.

VLA gives accurate information about:

• Body composition i.e. body cell mass (muscles and organs) and fat mass

• Hydration levels

• Fluid distribution inside and outside of cells

• Nutritional status

• Overall cellular health

• Inflammation

VLA can help you to:

• Manage weight effectively

• Increase muscle tone

• Improve fitness

• Enhance energy levels

• Support healthy ageing

• Track progress during treatment


BIA is performed with the Quadscan device, the latest scientifically validated technology in this field, used internationally in health clinics and hospitals. The test is quick, easy and painless. The device attaches to your wrist and ankle, and measures how effectively your body conducts a small electrical charge. The amount of water, muscle and fat present influence how the electrical current travels through the body. The greater percentage of healthy muscle tissue a person has, the more water their body can hold, allowing the current to pass through more easily. Body and organ fat hold very little water, and will therefore impede, or resist the current. With this technology, a great deal of information can be gained about the composition and health of your body.



VLA is offered as part of the initial and follow up consultation service however, it is also available as a separate service.

  • 1 test - $60.00

      Includes a 30 minute appointment and summary of findings.


Packages offered - 

  • 2 tests - $90.00

      Includes initial 30 minute appointment + a 15-20 minute appt at the end of week 12

  • 3 tests - $126.00

      Includes initial 30 minute appointment + a 15-20 minute appt at the end of weeks 6 & 12                                                                                                         

"Empowering you to set goals to reach your optimal weight and create good eating habits for life''-

Kerryn McArthur